IoT Intensivseminar in München

IoT Intensivseminar in München am 25.06.2017

25.06.2017 // 10:00 Uhr
Wayra Deutschland, Kaufingerstraße 15, 4OG, 80331, München

In this IoT workshop, we help you clear through the jargon and buzzwords by building a real IoT device. And best of all, you don’t need to know any programming to achieve that. We will teach you some basics of programming in a fun way on a Raspberry Pi, but without writing a single line of code. Then we will guide you through using the newly learned skills to connect an external sensor to a Raspberry Pi to monitor soil moisture. In the third part of the workshop, you will go the extra mile to build a very simple webpage that lets you see from anywhere whether your plants needs to be watered. And if time permits, we will also play with an automatic watering mechanism that pumps water into the pot. You will go back home feeling like a true maker.
All hardware required will be provided, but attendees need to bring their own laptops.

Kursdauer: 6 Stunden
Verbleibende Plätze: 2 von 6
Skill-Level: Absolute Anfänger
Vorkenntnisse: Keine
Equipment: Eigener Laptop erforderlich
Trainer: Alexander Hoffmann

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